Our Story

Meet the Artists

Susan and Scott Austin are artists who are merely having fun with their "Cool Tools", enjoying life after raising two wonderful children, and creating beautiful art in a variety of mediums. 

Susan plays in clay and claims the "Mud" part of this business venture.  Susan's work has a very organic look and feel, but can also be technical and precise as her vision, or the piece, dictate.  She regularly fires in both mid and high fire electric kilns.  She and Scott also do some Raku firings that always result in some fantastic "one-of-a-kind" pieces. 

Scott works with both hot and cold steel.  He, too, has an affinity for creating more organic work.  Being the "son of an engineer", though, means he also loves to get into the technical aspect of his art.  He takes "hot" a step further by adding fused glass accents to many of his sculptures. 

Art for your home and garden