Mid Fire stoneware

Typical organic structure from clay slab with stamped fern leaf. Fired in an electric kiln. Commercial food-safe glaze used in a Celedon Green color. Great for serving breads, salads, or to use as a trinket catcher. 

Dimensions:  appx. 12" Dia. x 2"H

Price:  $13.00

Art for your home and garden



mid fire stoneware

The pieces pictured here are thrown on a pottery wheel, then mid-fired (Cone 5/6) in an electric kiln.  These highlight Susan's "fingerprints" as she purposefully exaggerated the throwing lines on the base of each pot.  Only food-safe commercial glazes are used in our studio for functional pieces. 

Dimensions: Round is appx. 9"  x  2"

                     Large Square is appx. 9" x 2"

                     Bowl is appx. 6" by 3"


Price:   Round                     $23.00

            Large Square          $27.00

            Bowl                        $18.00