all dimensions are approximate.  all prices subject to change.

all dimensions are approximate.  all prices subject to change.



These begin as mild steel rods and angle iron sections.  As Scott heats the steel and uses his power hammer to flatten the angle iron, these beauties take shape.  He personally forges each leaf and cattail.  Each dimple in the cattail cylinder comes from Scott's ping of a hammer. Shown here installed in a bog, they are generally sold with a stone mount. 

Dimensions:  Double Cattail 48"H x 18"W x 18"D

                      Triple Cattail 48"H x 24"W x 18"D

Price:  Double Cattail  $119.00

           Triple Cattail     $169.00

If you want to get a giggle, look up "Anatomy of a Cattail" on Wikipedia...and join us in saying "who knew".

Art for your home and garden


"Corn Maiden 3"

Garden Sculpture

This piece was plasma cut, hand-forged, and worked with a blow torch to create her unique style.  Made of mild steel plate, expanded metal, and mild steel rods; each given individual attention and detail by the artist. 

Dimensions:  4'H x 18"W x 2"D above ground with two 2' anchor stakes.  Can also be mounted into a stone for both garden and indoor installation. 

Base Price as shown:  $429.00


Branch Arbor

This piece is made of hand-forged, mild steel rods.  Each rod is drawn to a point and shaped to resemble a tree limb.  Each rod is then welded to other rods to form branches; each branch is then individually heated and shaped into the intertwined branches pictured here. 

Dimensions:  8'H x 6'W x 1.5'D  above ground with six 30" anchoring stakes. Can also build to bolt to concrete slab.

Base price as shown: $2800.00