Scott loves to garden, so it only made sense that he would begin work on Trellis line that even makes the weeds look incredible.  Free forms with fused glass inserts that can stay out all year long! 

Scott uses all his tools on these lovely sculptures.  Inspired by the beautiful jewelry pieces found in the Southwest, he shapes and adorns each one with elements from the Spirit World. No piece will ever be duplicated because each is done by hand. 

Scott loves the sun!  He has always enjoyed seeing solid metal rods come to life as Garden Suns.  He is now adding fused glass to his immensely popular "Garden Sun" sculptures to make them even more unique..

Scott will always create Shaman pieces.  Some large. Some small.  Always turning heads and always giving life to the space they occupy.  Some are very spiritual, while others are very organic or geometric. You can commission your own design, too!

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Corn Maidens

garden Trellis'

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  • Commission Sculpture
  • Custom Fence Construction and Repair
  • Custom Gate Construction and Repair
  • Custom Stair Railing and Repair
  • Custom Porch Railing and Repair
  • Custom Balcony Railing and Repair

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